Research on Acupuncture

Research on Acupuncture

Balancing Mind, Body & Spirit - Is Acupuncture Misunderstood?

Here at Bronx Acupuncture, we have been very happy to note that within the last 10 years, there has been more research done on the positive effects Acupuncture has on patients. We really encourage all our patients to read up for themselves on the many articles available either online or at their libraries.

A few of these studies may not fully understand how acupuncture truly works at treating a person's mind and emotions along with their physical body. How can acupuncture or any Chinese medicine that falls under the category of 'Alternative Medicine', be measured fairly when compared to Western medical models which wrongly equate symptomatic relief with true healing?

We believe that acupuncture must be understood and appreciated for it's ability to offer holistic support benefiting the health of the whole body as an integrated system.

The importance of Preventive Care

The vital role that acupuncture treatment plays in preventive care cannot be stressed enough. More studies are needed to support acupuncture's many benefits. This is especially critical since it is clear that preventive care is an important answer to the nation's current health care crisis. Many articles are being written about the current shortage of Western medical doctors, a situation that will only get worst in the future.

When considering preventive care, it has become vitally important for everyone to seriously think of alternative options for one's own health care beyond consuming an increasing number of pharmaceutical drugs or being too quick to agree to surgical procedures. In our practice, we unfortunately have seen this happening too often with our patients.

Chris C.Chen L.Ac., MSTOM, Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM), ADS, our Board Certified Acupuncturist at Bronx Acupuncture, will tell you that taking into account and understanding a person's lifestyle and emotional attitudes, in addition to their physical symptoms, is just part of his holistic treatment approach. He knows that these variables have everything to do with successful treatment outcomes.

How can these indispensable variables be isolated and controlled in a research study? Too many times they are not. If these variables are not taken into consideration, how can a truly holistic approach be effectively measured?

We hope that further studies will prove just how beneficial acupuncture and Chinese medicine provided to patient's with an approach like Chris's, truly lends itself to treating the Mind, Body and Spirit.

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