Benefits of Acupuncture

The Benefits of Bronx Acupuncture

Here at Bronx Acupuncture, the combined treatments of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help you feel better, function better, increase the quality of your life and even help prevent some serious conditions.

As with any beneficial practice, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine yields the best results when done consistently. Usually, the recommended course of treatment is usually once or twice a week visits for the first several weeks, followed by once a month visits to maintain an overall healthy balance.

The number of treatments needed is really unique to each individual. Some patients may even notice an immediate improvement in their health, while for others acupuncture tends to have a cumulative effect over several visits.

Our experience with chronic ailments is that they do take some time not just on the part of Chris, the Acupuncturist, but also on the part of the patient in order to achieve real improvement. Again, every patient is unique, but for most chronic conditions, up to 12 treatments on a once or twice a week basis usually offers the best outcome.

Research has proven that acupuncture can relieve pain by releasing your body’s own painkiller endorphin's If you go to our 'Research on Acupuncture' Page, you will see links to articles about the positive results that Acupuncturists achieved when treating patients with various ailments.

Whether it's your first time experiencing acupuncture or you've had acupuncture previously, we're confident that you'll be glad you made the right choice to come see us!

Your comfort and satisfaction is very important to us and we try to do our best to let you feel that way each time

you walk through our door.

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