Patient Reviews

Our Excellent Patient Reviews

We are very grateful for the amazing reviews that our patients have so generously given us.

Our reviews cover everything from pain and stress relief to infertility.

While not all patients may experience the same results, before coming to Bronx Acupuncture many of our patients had tried various treatment options, some even for years, but were only able to finally find results with us.


"Off the Scale" Severe Pain from Spinal Stenosis & Degenerative Discs

Chris is my hero! Until Chris came into my life, I had never tried acupuncture.

I was having severe pain from an accidental fall that happened 3 years ago. My intense pain started from my lower back to my hips and it went down my left leg.

I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and degenerative discs in my back. All the doctors wanted to just do surgery, they wanted to cut my back wide open. I had cortisone shots, and I've gone for pain management and received pain management shots, but this didn't help me at all.

I saw 3 doctors to try for different opinions, and they all told me the same thing, that there was nothing they could do for me except recommend back surgery, which I did not want! All 3 doctors pushed me to have back surgery, and they told me, “Just do the surgery and get it over with”. Of course they all said they couldn't guarantee I would feel better either!

I first had acupuncture with Chris when he treated and helped me with an infection in my foot. I decided I better ask Chris to help me again with my back problem.

(Note: Betty had an ulcerated, oozing, non-healing wound after having bunion removal foot surgery. No treatments were helping to close the wound until she saw Chris and he gave her acupuncture treatments and external herbal remedies.)

Since Chris has been working on my back pain with acupuncture – it’s been like a miracle! I’m actually able to sit facing forward – up until this point, for the last 3 years I've had to sit with my leg laying up on the couch.

Before acupuncture, my pain was off the scale. I couldn't do anything. I actually had to sit on my couch practically all day long. After my very first acupuncture treatment with Chris I felt immediate relief! Just after the second one I felt really good. All my follow up treatments are like icing on the cake! Now I’m almost completely pain free! This feels like heaven!

I can now walk with my Grandchildren around the block, which I haven’t been able to do for years. I haven’t been able to walk through a shopping mall in 3 years. Before, I would go to one store and that was it for the whole day. I had to stop walking because of my pain after just 15 minutes - that was it. Now I can walk through the whole mall and shop in all the stores. I just shopped with my sister for hours and I had no pain at all! My family even tells me to slow down because now I’m walking so fast!

This is also the first time in years I can walk wearing my dress sandals without any pain, and not just sneakers. This was really exciting for me because I thought I would have to wear only sneakers forever. If I tried to wear anything else I would be in severe pain. This is a whole new life for me!

Chris is my miracle worker! Thank you so much!

Betty S., Albany, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Excruciating Pain in Head & Neck

Yesterday, my pain was so bad I thought I was dying. I called my mother in Mexico, and I told her that I was going to check out this place, Bronx Acupuncture that I found on their web site. I was thinking that maybe I should go to the hospital, but I didn't want to wait in a hospital. I didn't know you, I didn't know anything expect what I read in your website. I never tried acupuncture before. Actually, I left my life in your hands and you brought me back to life, and I thank you. I came to the right place.

Thank you to the doctor! I was in so much pain...even my wife didn't know how much pain I was in. How bad it was. The pain was killing me. I never take medication; I never go to the doctor's. Only when it's bad, bad do I take any medication. The pain was so bad I thought I was going to pass out. I don't know how to describe it. I was close to passing out.

I work in construction and hurt myself when I lifted something. I'm used to lifting heavy stuff, but on this job I got hurt lifting something up in the cold basement of the building where I'm working. Then, I was riding on the bus and the bus stopped suddenly and when I slid across the seat, I really hurt my neck and back again. I was in so much pain I couldn't lie in bed, I couldn't sleep even after taking 4 Advil's.

I don't know how I even drove to the office I was in so much pain. I was driving without paying attention. I could have gotten killed while driving. Thank God nothing bad happened.

I know that I was in really bad shape. It was the kind of pain that nobody could take. I couldn't even swallow. I was sweating, I felt cold and I almost passed out on the (treatment) table. I thought, "Oh my God, I'm going to pass out." But then Chris held onto my hand and told me, "David, don't worry, you're in the right hands." When I heard that, my pain and fear already started to disappear! I thought, "Wow, I've come to the right place."

After my first treatment I felt so much better, I called my mother again and she said, "Okay, Thank God!" I called my brother and told him, "Hey listen, the doctor is very good. You're not going to believe it, but I feel much, much better."

This morning when I woke up I knew something was different. You just feel it. My body, my energy is different. I took my wife and kids out for breakfast and shopping! I'm so much better, 100% better! I was feeling so much better I even fixed my car light this morning. Chris told me to rest a few days and take it easy, but I was feeling happy to be alive and back to life!

Look at me now, it's unbelievable that it's only my second time and I feel like new! I told my wife and my boss about you, how very, very good you are. I believe in Chris. Now, if I have more pain, I'm definitely going to keep coming here.

Thank you so much Chris for taking care of me. I'm so happy I found you. What you do is works perfect!

David L., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Intense Radiating Pain from Sciatica & Lower Back

My sciatica and back pain was really bad - I had intense pain radiating from my lower back all the way down my left leg.

When I left Bronx Acupuncture after my first treatment I felt about 50% better, and then it continued throughout the week. I noticed a significant difference in my pain. I really didn't expect to feel better right away and I thought the effect was going to wear off, but not only did I feel better, I kept feeling good!

After I woke up on the third day from my first treatment, and I still felt good, I thought okay...that's when I decided that this was the route I was going with -- this is it!

My treatments with Chris were so relaxing I fell asleep. This is the first time I ever fell asleep from acupuncture treatments. I've had acupuncture before with a different acupuncturist, but my treatments with Chris feel a lot different. I was so relaxed during my treatments I felt as if I took a sleeping pill. I'm finally getting a really great night's sleep!

I feel great and I can't wait for more!

Tom F., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Spinal Stenosis & Chronic (22+ Years) of Lower Back and Shoulder Pain

What you do is a miracle. My treatments are great and wonderful! Everybody should know about you. You should be in a big billboard by the highway or something!

If it were up to me I wish I could come here everyday just to be treated every single day! I feel great every time I come here. When you put the needles in me I just felt relaxed and relieved. I don't know how to explain it, I was enjoying was like I didn't feel any more pressure, just relief. I really feel at peace here. I just love it!

I suffered many years from lower back and shoulder pain. Even though I finally had back surgery in 2011, my condition and pain only got worse after surgery, and having cortisone shots for my pain was not effective.

I've gone to so many, many doctors for my pain and no other doctor has connected, or told me that some of my bad back pain could be caused by my constipation problems! Chris explained it's just like a system-wide traffic jam that has to be cleared.

I'm so glad my sister found Chris for me on the Internet. I feel so much better! On my next appointment to Bronx Acupuncture I'm bringing my good friend who also needs acupuncture for her health problems.

Norma N., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Osteoarthritis of the Hip & Stress

Wow! I can't believe it! After just my 2nd treatment I can't believe the amount of relief I feel from my pain! I feel the alleviation of the severity of pain in my hip and leg - my whole body feels more relaxed.

Chronic pain has also made me so anxious. I was in so much pain I didn't even feel like talking! Now I actually have a smile on my face and want to say,

"Cheese"! I haven't had a smile on my face in ages!

Chris, you've also given me so much relief from the tension and anxiety I've been feeling from being in pain for so long. My whole body and emotions had just tightened up from my pain - now I have a sense of comfort and relief.

I needed to let you know how I feel and hope you understand how much this means. Whenever I come to your office, I really feel your genuine care and concern for me.

I don't want to put down my other doctors, but you've given me more relief from pain than I've ever felt before! I can even stand up and make a sandwich in my kitchen! I want to pick up my knitting again! These were things I couldn't even think of doing before.

I just want to say thank you so much! I'm definitely going to keep coming!

Rhonda H., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Multiple Herniated Discs, Severe Back Pain & Anxiety From Auto Accident

Hi, my name is Tania H., and I want to share and express how grateful I am for the results that these weeks of therapy (acupuncture treatments from Chris) have had in my life.

After an accident that caused several injuries in my body, I was feeling so much pain for three years. I tried physical therapy and the relief was for a few hours and then the pain started again.

At Bronx Acupuncture I was given (acupuncture) treatments to relieve pain and not only that, I was also given the key to learn how to deal with my pain and to heal. I will keep the fantastic "healing color" in my mind.

Thanks, Dr. Chen.

Tania H., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Chronic Severe Pain in Neck, Shoulders & Wrists (& Infertility Issues)

An EXCELLENT Acupuncturist to Recommend!

For many years I've worked long hours using a computer. As the result, for about 5 years I suffered with intense neck, shoulder and wrist pain. At times, the pain would tighten in my neck and shoulder so penetratingly that it became difficult to hold a pen properly when writing.

Over a period of four years, I visited chiropractors, 3 different physical therapists, 2 massage therapists and a host of neurologists to no avail. I also consulted with the best surgical orthopedic specialists at the Hospital for Special Surgery (the same specialists who treat players of the New York Yankees and the Mets), -- all of whom are well regarded in their respective fields. To my disappointment, these visits did not provide any lasting relief. These surgeons told me that there was nothing more they could do for me and suggested that I look into physical therapy again.

I discussed my dilemma with a friend, and she suggested that I see Chris Chen of Bronx Acupuncture. I was a little hesitant -- the thought of being treated with needles made me a little nervous, but the pain and discomfort which had become a part of my everyday experience outweighed my fear. I wanted to be free of it!

After my first treatment with Chris, I am no longer a skeptic! This was a match made in heaven!

I found out that Chris specializes in treating the "hard-to-treat" cases. Many of his patients come to him after Western medicine gives up on any sort of remedy for the patient. The pain which tormented me for 5 years dissipated substantially after only a few acupuncture treatments! Every hospital would benefit greatly from having a "Chris Chen" on board!

Chris's knowledge of his practice, his professionalism and the level of care he extends to each of his patients, all make for a combination which results in a very effective healing process. He told me that he does not want "lifetime patients" -- his goal is to treat people into healing and to keep them moving forward.

After suffering pain as I did for all those years and experiencing the freedom of mobility that I have now, I would travel from here to Kilimanjaro if needed just to have a session with Chris. I am fully confident that you would find it well worth your time.

Another Happy Side Note!:

I can also happily share the fantastic results that a young couple I know had as a result of sessions with Chris -- they were experiencing difficulty conceiving children. They tried for a few years and were becoming despondent about their inability to conceive. I recommended that they see Chris.

Again, as with the success of my case, after acupuncture with Chris, my friends were on their way to becoming proud parents! I am the Godmother of their son! :)

All the best to you in your healing process,

Lisa H., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Severe Pain and Stress in Overall Body

I never had acupuncture before I came to Bronx Acupuncture, so I didn't know what to expect. I heard that acupuncture helps with stress and pain so that was most important to me.

I work all the time, 7 days, 12-15 hours a day (as a livery cab driver) and was feeling A LOT of pain and stress in my whole body -- from my neck, shoulders and back all the way down. Before acupuncture treatments, my pain and stress was very intense.

Chris's treatments are amazing! I feel no more pain! My pain and stress is nothing. I'm feeling great now, very relaxed, more light, and I even sleep better.

I feel complete. I just have to say thank you, thank you very much.

Richard G., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Non-Healing Ulcerated Wounds

Dear Chris,

Thank you so much for your wonderful healing herbs. I call this the miracle medication.

I had deep ulcers on my lower legs due to an injury which had become infected. I went to the doctors and was given multiple creams and oral antibiotics. My condition became worse over time. The wounds started to eat in, swell, and were very painful. I had no relief and my quality of life started to diminish.

You took one look and knew what I needed. I applied the herb you gave me under my wife's watchful eye who was a skeptic (she is a nurse by the way). Within 24 hours I saw remarkable changes, first the redness and pain disappeared, then the swelling. Within 3 days I could resume all activities. I only have a few small areas that still need some medication and it's been only one week. This herb did what no one else could.

Thank you Chris.

Marcus K., Amsterdam, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Excruciating Pain and Numbness in Fingers

A very good friend recommended that I go see Chris at Bronx Acupuncture. She gets acupuncture treatments from him and told me I should go because I've been in excruciating pain since having an accident at home.

About a month ago I fell out of bed and hit my head on my end table. I started having excruciating pain and numbness in my right arm and fingers. On a scale from 1-10 my pain was BAD, definitely a 10 - a REAL BAD PAIN! My pain didn't go away all day or night, it was an all day thing - I was just hurting all the time.

My very first acupuncture treatment with Chris was a great experience for me. This was also the first time I ever had acupuncture. After only my first treatment I can now actually close my hand and make a fist with some strength! I couldn't do that before and now I can even close my hand and feel my fingers. Before I couldn't even feel at least 3 or 4 or my fingers! I'm so surprised and pleased. My treatment was really enjoyable.

I can't wait to come back!

Michael C., Manhattan, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Constant Neck, Arm & Lower Back Pain From Falling Injury

For more than 15 years, because of too much pain, I hadn't been able to sleep on my right side. After just my first acupuncture treatment, which was very relaxing, I was able to be on my right side for 5 minutes without pain! Now I can sleep on either side without any problem.

I had tried so many other kinds of treatments for my pain but the pain just kept coming back. I even did stem cell treatments in Arizona about 3 years ago because I was in too much pain, but with acupuncture, believe me, I'm feeling more relaxed. I really noticed the difference. My doctor wanted to do back surgery, but I don't think that was a good choice so I'm very happy I tried acupuncture. I want to keep coming back for more treatments.

Philomene B., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Bad Sciatica Pain

Before going to Bronx Acupuncture I was in so much pain. I had sciatica nerve pain but after the first treatment I felt so much better. I highly recommend going to Bronx Acupuncture.

Chris the Acupuncturist has helped me out a lot.

Doris S., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Very Bad Back Pain & Mouth Ulcers

This is amazing, it's hard for me to describe. It's so, so relaxing and my back feels 99.9%!

This absolutely feels very different from when I had tried physical therapy. I did physical therapy for six weeks and I can say that it didn't help me very much. There wasn't any tension relief. I still felt a lot of stress, pain and strain in my back. In the end I eventually stopped making the effort to go, because between the hassles dealing with the insurance companies, trying to fit in appointments and my making all the calls back and forth, I thought that nothing was worth that much trouble since I wasn't getting relief. I decided to leave physical therapy.

My treatments here are so tension releasing - I feel all my muscles have just relaxed, they don't feel all knotted up anymore. I can feel the release all the way down my body.

Thank you Chris, I really appreciate this! I'll see you next week!

Mildred S., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Facial Acne

From my first time, my treatments with Bronx Acupuncture are great! I came because I wanted help for my acne condition. I really liked the whole procedure, it's very soothing, very relaxing.

During treatments I felt this energy moving through me - I'd never felt something like that before. Chris also answered all my questions until I had none left.

I recommend you see him!

Denny F., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

"Razor Blades" Lower Back & Sciatica Pain

Let me tell you, wow, even after my first shot, I'm definitely a believer in acupuncture! I never had acupuncture before I came here.

I feel good, really good. I came here for really bad lower back and sciatica pain.

Usually when I lay on my side or back for too long, I wake up feeling as if I've got razor blades in me - I'm not kidding, there's nothing like it. Just to put my socks on, walk, doing anything hurt. Just to move or even lay down hurt. I've been hurting for 3 months. I tried taking Aleve and that kind of stuff, and stretching out, but nothing helped.

Now, honestly, I feel good. I can move - no problem, everything feels good. I have no pain right now. Literally there's no pain from my lower back and all the way down my leg. There's literally no pain in my legs. I've got nothing. Whatever you worked on for me, my pain level is nothing. I can even bend down now and there's no pain at all.

Thank you Chris.

Brian V. D., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Severe Back Pain From Car Accident

It was back pain level was so severe I was having spasms and I couldn't even walk.

I told Chris he should have recorded me when I came through the door on my first treatment -- it would have been a really great testimonial to see me walking in on my first day compared to now, my second day!

I was in so much pain it was excruciating - I couldn't walk. When Chris asked me my pain level from 1-10, I said 10! I can't even think of what number to say today, cause I'm really not in pain! I'm doing so much better! My pain is very minimal. I'm now walking without my cane!

My first time trying acupuncture was with Chris and I'm really so grateful.

I thank God and Chris for helping me with my healing.

Katrina M., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Sciatica Pain

I came to see Dr. Chris for sciatica pain, but along with the treatment I got a class in how my body works.

When he started treating me for my pain it was like he knew exactly where to go.

It was amazing!

Lonnie J., Yonkers, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Suffering From Numerous Allergies

My experience at Bronx Acupuncture was positive. The staff was very friendly and informative. The acupuncturist educated me on acupuncture and it's history. Also, he explained my body functions and offered me an effective treatment plan tailored to my needs.

During my first treatment, the acupuncturist gave me background information on the placement/locations of the needles. This heightened my awareness of the practice. I did feel better after my first treatment. Although you need several treatments to see results. I did see changes in some of my areas of concern.

Parking: Easy to find

Wait Time: Prompt service

Service Fee: Many flexible payment options

Cleanliness: Spic and Span

Professionalism: High quality

Patient Intake Before Procedure: Very thorough

Aimee F., Manhattan, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Lower Back Pain

Before I came to the (Bronx Acupuncture) office, my pain was very bad. Now my lower back pain feels better after treatment.

First time I'm doing acupuncture and the results are good. I will be coming back in the future. My pain was an 8 (on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the most severely painful) now after treatment my pain feels like a 3.

I am very happy I came for acupuncture. I recommend Bronx Acupuncture if people have pain. Also I would like to thank Chris.

Kevin J., New Rochelle, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Osteoarthritis in Knee

I was looking all around for a good acupuncture Dr. because my 67 year old mother was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in her left knee and the first and only option they gave her was knee replacement surgery.

I came across Chris the acupuncture Dr. and with just her 1st treatment my Mom started feeling better.

My Mom went to his clinic in a wheelchair and by the 3rd treatment she was walking.

Chris has lifted my mother's spirit again. She has gained her confidence back and now you can't even mention surgery to her.

She will tell you, "I'm going to see Chris."

Damaris T., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Sciatica & Lower Back Pain

Patient interview with Chris C. Chen, L.Ac., Bronx Acupuncture

Chris: Dorcas, you originally came to us for sciatica pain.

Dorcas: "Yes, that's right."

Chris: How did you like your sciatica treatments?

Dorcas: "Oh, I'm feeling much better, much better."

Chris: So much better, that after just 4 treatments I had to remind you that you first came to us for sciatica pain!

Dorcas: (Laughs) "That's true!"

Chris: Are you walking more comfortably now?

Dorcas: "Yes! Yes, I am."

Chris: On a scale from 1-10, how is your sciatica pain now? You told me when you first came to us it used to be a 10.

Dorcas: "Only a 3. It was bad, very bad, but pain! Maybe a 3 or less."

Chris: How about your lower back pain that you also suffered from?

Dorcas: "My lower back is much better also!"

Chris: Thank you Dorcas, I'm going to continue with your treatments.

Dorcas: "Thank you Chris."

Dorcas C., Yonkers, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Anxiety & Stress


Thank you very much for all your help with my anxiety treatment. I’m feeling much better. I’m so grateful for your kindness and the excellent care, I appreciated very much. Your office is beautiful, the music very relaxing & mellow.

Thank you again for your professionalism & concern for the people in need.


Marta V., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Severe Knee Pain

I severely hurt my right knee and was told I needed surgery. I decided to try acupuncture for the first time and the results were absolutely astounding.

Not only did all the pain disappear, after 5 treatments I was able to actually be able to continue working not missing a single day.

Chris is one amazing healer. He saved me from having to have surgery, a long recuperation period and going for physical therapy for 6 weeks. The experience was absolutely way beyond my expectations.

Sylvan Tieger

Tieger Plumbing Company, Riverdale, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Herniated Disc, Sciatica & Arthritis Pain In Back & Leg

Severe pain in my lower back and leg brought me to a number of doctors and even two emergency room visits. The doctors diagnosed me with a herniated disc, sciatica and arthritis in the lower spine, and prescribed various narcotics, NSAIDs and other medications. These medications, some of which had serious side effects, did little to alleviate my pain.

After a number of treatments by Chris, my pain was significantly reduced, and I was able to decrease my use of the medications. Unlike the conventional doctors, who looked only at individual body parts, Chris treated my body as an organic whole. And unlike the processed rush of the conventional medical system, Chris' treatments were slow and relaxing - helping me to find a stillness that is aiding in my healing.

Ron W., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

IBS & Insomnia

I just had to write to thank you. I never knew that acupuncture could help so fast! I came to you feeling really terrible from my IBS. By the time I left I was feeling much better. My insomnia has also improved. I look forward to each session. Also you make it all so easy. I thought getting stuck with needles was very painful, but it wasn't. You are gentle and very soft spoken which helps me keep calm and then it doesn't hurt.

To Ellen, you are the best receptionist ever. You have a great sense of humor and that kept me calm my first time going there. Dr. Chen also has a great sense of humor. Thank you so much to the both of you. I am looking forward to even more improvements as time goes by. See you on Sunday.

If you were able to get my husband to stay calm when getting his treatment that makes you a miracle worker. He hates needles. You even got him to want to go back to help his knee.

Thank you for all your help, after only THREE treatments.

Claire T., Riverdale, NY

*Individual Results May Vary


I went to Chris at the Bronx acupuncture for assistance with infertility.

I began my treatment on February 1st and by April 1st I found out I was pregnant!!! I firmly believe that the acupuncture helped me to make my dream come true of being a mother one day!!!

The Bronx acupuncture is a great place, relaxing and calming environment and Chris is very funny. Had a great experience at the Bronx acupuncture and I plan to return for additional treatment and recommend friends to the Bronx acupuncture!!!!!!!!!

Jovanna N-T., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Pinched Nerves

I have had acupuncture in the past. I am a NYC Firefighter and with the heavy load we deal with within the scope of our duties, it is extraneous on our body and mind. I have been suffering from several pinched nerves and no matter what I did to feel better, ex, stretched and physical therapy nothing worked.

I decided to go back to acupuncture. I truly made a wise decision. I found Bronx Acupuncture online and because it is close to home I chose them.

Chris is a true professional and my treatments have worked. I am thankful to Chris and his staff.

Eduardo D., New York, NY

P.S. try it you will feel wonderful after a couple of sessions.

*Individual Results May Vary

Shoulder Pain from Bicycling Accident

Ohhh, I love my treatments! It's so good. I came for shoulder pain from falling riding my bike.

After my first treatment I still had a little pain, but now just after my second treatment my pain is much, much better. I'm surprised how very good I feel. Chris also showed me how to use a heat pad to help my pain.

This is the first time I ever had acupuncture because my husband has had it before. When I come back from vacation, I'm going back for more treatments.

Thank you very much!

Esperanza M., Yonkers, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Stress & Anxiety

Hello! I'm just passing by to tell my experiences at Bronx Acupuncture.. my husband was feeling stressed out, having dizziness, headaches.. he was kind of claustrophobic! it was a really bad situation for us! we did not know what to do.. we went to a western doctor, we went to the ER of a hospital.. but nothing worked out.

I found Bronx Acupuncture online, and we decided to try something different.. my first impression was as great as it worked! it only took two or three sessions for my husband to feel and look different.. it was just great!

And not only the therapy, but the way the acupuncturist: Chris C. Chen, treated us, especially my husband, he makes everybody there feel like family, and his place, like home.. which I think it's very important.

I thank god, for putting dr. Chen and his wife in our road.. right now, I feel, his treatment, is the only thing that helped my husband to recover from his stress and anxiety.

To me, this place is such a blessing.. and that is just priceless to me and my husband!!!!

Paloma N., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Sharp Pain in Neck & Shoulders

I was having very sharp and intense pain in my neck and shoulders. This is the first time I tried acupuncture and was surprised how easy it was - it didn't hurt at all. I want to keep coming back and next time will bring my Mom for treatment.

Mauricio A., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Chronic Bronchitis

Since the early 70's I have been going to the same clinic to be treated for bronchitis.

When my doctor entered the treatment room, he was prepared to treat me for the normal symptoms coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, the usual.

Instead he looked puzzled as he began to exam me. I was sitting up smiling, not talking about my condition. He listened to my lungs and said with amazement your lungs are clear, still unsure he said lets give you a chest X-ray.

When the results returned normal he pushed his stool against the wall tilted his head looking bewildered and said, what have you been doing since your last visit?

With enthusiasm I responded, I am going to Bronx Acupuncture. My health has improved. I can breath better, sleep through the night with plenty of energy the next day.

I asked my doctor if he thought acupuncture was good for me? He answered in a low voice, yes of course.

Acupuncture treatment has given me a new lift on life. There is no doubt in my mind for many years to come I will be going to Bronx Acupuncture.

I recommend anyone with a chronic condition to see Chris at Bronx Acupuncture. I am grateful for my health and the rewarding changes in how I look and feel each day.

Pat A., New York, N.Y.

*Individual Results May Vary

Depression, Anxiety & Stress

Master Chris!

First off, I'm very lucky to have met Chris. He is a true professional at what he treats, but especially the treatment that my mom and I were interested in. He gives both of us excellent and powerful treatment.

Master Chris has also helped improve our health and well-being.

What we like about his acupuncture treatment is that it is a natural treatment for any condition. Chris has taught both of us how to have our mind, body and spirit in balance, which is an essential element in life. He is just a great man. That's all I can say.

And by the way, the office looks really comforting and nice. The fish are so beautiful and calming to look at. As soon as we come in, we're ready to start our treatment!

We definitely recommend him!!!

Alek M. & Zina M., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Non-Healing Ulcerated Wound & Large Cyst on Back

Chris is the best.

He has taken care of my girlfriends foot after major surgery on it. She has felt much better after each acupuncture treatment - the swelling has gone down tremendously. Her open wound healed and she could walk again without pain.

Chris has also taken care of a cyst on my back & greatly reduced it's size. You will be very happy with the treatment that you receive from him.

(Note: Betty had an ulcerated, oozing, non-healing wound after having bunion removal foot surgery. No treatments were helping to close the wound until she saw Chris and he gave her acupuncture treatments and external herbal remedies.)

(Note: A few days after Chris's acupuncture treatment on Paul's large cyst, it was finally able to drain. Paul was told by doctors that he would have to have surgery if he wanted to remove the cyst which had become so large it was causing him pain from pressing on his spinal nerves. The cyst cleared, and Paul no longer needed surgery!)

Paul S. & Betty S., Albany, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Migraine Headaches

I am very very happy with the treatment I've had in Bronx Acupuncture! Chris and Ellen are very nice and professional people!

After months taking all kind of medicines for the terrible migraine I've had and nothing helped I went for acupuncture. I felt different right after the first treatment!

THANK YOU CHRIS AND ELLEN! You changed my life!

Veselina V., Yonkers, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Chronic Bronchitis & Asthma

I Give Thanks Each Day

I am so grateful to have Bronx Acupuncture in my life. Since I was a young child I suffered from very bad colds. For the past 30 plus years my doctors have treated me for upper respiratory infection, bronchitis and asthma. I was given medication but in a few months I was right back where I started coughing, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeats that led to sleepless nights.

Several months ago when I walked into Bronx Acupuncture, I had no idea my life was about to change.

Powerful, rewarding and deep is the most accurate way to describe the acupuncture treatments. Chris helped me to understand my body and challenged me to look at myself in a different way.

Through acupuncture I have not returned to my physician for medication, I haven't had a cold in months. I sleep and breathe much better. I have the tools to improve my health and I will continue my treatments, which will help me feel whole and complete.

I highly recommend Bronx Acupuncture treatments to those who suffer from chronic health issues . . . " Chris Is The Best There Is."

I give thanks each day for a deeper and greater understanding of my health and wellness.

Many thanks to Bronx Acupuncture,

Pat A., New York, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Stress, Arthritis in Knees & Facial Rejuvenation

Chris’ acupuncture treatments are an excellent way to balance yourself after a stressful day!

Everything from the subdued lighting to the soothing music is conducive to a deep relaxing time for yourself. His painless treatments relieved the minor arthritis in my knees, and Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture lessened my under-eye circles and puffiness—definitely better than surgery or Botox!

Chris is the perfect practitioner to see if you’re unfamiliar and/or uneasy about acupuncture, as he’s very patient and willing to share his knowledge and expertise. I always felt free to ask any questions about acupuncture and other Chinese healing methods.

Definitely treat yourself—you deserve it!

Lori K., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Severe Sciatica Pain

Patient interview with Chris C. Chen, L.Ac., Bronx Acupuncture

Chris: How was the pain before you came in?

Belle: “Excruciating! I couldn’t walk for, oh my gosh, 4 weeks!”

Chris: Now how do you feel?

Belle: “I’m telling you I’m feeling 100% better! This is wonderful! Just wonderful! Oh my God, I can’t believe it”!

Chris: Are you now able to touch your area of pain?

Belle: “Yes! Before I couldn’t even touch it…it was so tight. It was like muscle spasms.”

Chris: Were you able to rest during your treatment?

Belle: “Yes I was. Very soothing. Very relaxing.”

Chris: And this is also your first time with us?

Belle: “Yes it is. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was great! I didn’t feel any pain. It was just very relaxing.”

Chris: Thank you so much!

Belle: “You’re very welcome! Thank you so much!”

Belle I., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Arthritic Pain in Neck, Shoulders & Hands & Stress

I started going to Bronx Acupuncture for arthritic pain and symptoms of stress after a couple of friends highly recommended them. I used to have a lot of headaches and have stiffness and pain in my neck, shoulders and hands. My fingers were often so stiff and sore that I had difficultly typing and writing.

I hate going to any doctor, so I was very reluctant at first, but until I experienced it myself, I would never have believed that acupuncture could help so much!

After only a few relaxing sessions of resting while listening to soothing music, I could start to feel the difference in my lessened stress and pain levels. Now that I've been going regularly, for the first time in years I'm pain free and feeling really good!

Bronx Acupuncture is bright, clean and relaxing, and the staff is professional and friendly!

Thank you Bronx Acupuncture!

Leslie D., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary


After trying for a baby for 2 years a friend of mine suggested we try acupuncture as she found it helped her with her ailments and has been said to help infertility issues.

Being a little skeptical, I was a bit unsure at first but like my husband, I was getting anxious and was willing to try anything.

After the first meeting and the science behind acupuncture were explained and how it affects the different parts of the body and how this can help with fertility, we felt very optimistic and hopeful. Chris genuinely cares for his patients and that made the experience all the more comfortable.

Both my husband and I started weekly treatments in February. My husband and I felt wonderful after each session.

Four weeks after receiving treatments, we found out we were having a baby!!!!!!!!

We are over the moon and genuinely believe that the treatments we received have helped us with our little miracle. If it wasn't for Chris & Ellen, we would not have been happy to be beginning our family!

Words cannot express our joy and satisfaction with the treatments and care we received at Bronx Acupuncture!!!!!


Jan & Shawn B., Bronxville, NY

(Happy Note: Jan & Shawn later welcomed a healthy, beautiful baby boy into the world! Congratulations to the new parents!)

*Individual Results May Vary

Pain in Gall Bladder & Liver Areas

I feel like smiling! This is my first acupuncture treatment ever - I was afraid of it, but now I feel like smiling and giggling!

God, I don't know when I last laughed and giggled. I do laugh sometimes, but I know I never smiled or giggled when I came out of a doctor's office that's for sure!

Thank you!

Patricia R., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Pinched Neck Nerve & Numbing Pain On Whole Side of Body

I haven't had one bad day since I've been coming to Chris for treatments.

I get massages, but as far as for relaxation and dealing with my tensions, my acupuncture treatments make me feel so good! It's wonderful.

I find my acupuncture treatments very soothing. It calms me puts you in the zone...I'm just more relaxed. Oh yeah, I tell you, I really like it.

Arthur W., New York, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

Large Cyst On Head For 4 Years

I've had this large benign cyst on my head for years.

Ever since day one, pretty much for 4 years I've spoken to about 4 doctors and they all had the same opinion - that surgery was the only way out...which is false - entirely. I was talking to doctors about my cyst cause it's kind of an unusual large lump and they told me the only way to get rid of it was cutting my head open with surgery.

I also haven't been able to get a good haircut for the past 4 years, I had to cut it myself - so this problem has been bothering me a lot.

After getting my diagnosis on my cyst, I Googled it and found any entry that said one of the ways to treat my kind of cyst was with acupuncture and so I thought it was something that I wanted to try. That's when I decided to go see you.

This was my first time trying acupuncture. During treatment I felt these strange sensations - almost like energy moving. I noticed that when I breathed deeper - I tried to maintain deep breaths, I would feel this energy in my legs.

Right after my treatment, I was actually so thoroughly surprised and shocked that I swore right after I felt my cyst! My first response was, "Holy S#$t!!!"

My cyst felt substantially smaller - it feels like it's less of an issue altogether - there's less of it. This is amazing; I can even feel the difference in the height of my hair. I really appreciate it - I feel like I have this problem under control now.

Thanks a lot Chris! Thanks a million!

Chad M., Bronx, NY

*Individual Results May Vary

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